Experimenting with Candle Recipes

Creating candles that burn perfectly (and safely) takes a lot of experimenting so I spent part of the afternoon today trying all kinds of combinations. Different proportions of beeswax, soy wax and coconut oil…wood wicks…cotton wicks…glass containers…enamelware mugs.

Observation #1:
Melted yellow beeswax could pass as a real Goose Island IPA beer in a pint glass, and melted white beeswax could pass as a Heineken!

beeswax beer pint
Beeswax pint candles with Macgyvered wick holders

Observation #2:
The glow of the flame from beeswax is remarkably different than a traditional candle. The pale yellow glow is both mesmerizing and entrancing.
beeswax candle flame

Observation #3:
Enamel mugs make awesome candle containers. They’re durable, built for open flames…and best of all, they can be reused afterwards to hold your favorite drink.

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