Experimenting with Candle Recipes

Creating candles that burn perfectly (and safely) takes a lot of experimenting so I spent part of the afternoon today trying all kinds of combinations. Different proportions of beeswax, soy wax and coconut oil…wood wicks…cotton wicks…glass containers…enamelware mugs.

Observation #1:
Melted yellow beeswax could pass as a real Goose Island IPA beer in a pint glass, and melted white beeswax could pass as a Heineken!

beeswax beer pint
Beeswax pint candles with Macgyvered wick holders

Observation #2:
The glow of the flame from beeswax is remarkably different than a traditional candle. The pale yellow glow is both mesmerizing and entrancing.
beeswax candle flame

Observation #3:
Enamel mugs make awesome candle containers. They’re durable, built for open flames…and best of all, they can be reused afterwards to hold your favorite drink.

Field Trip: Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Stony Brook Norfolk
Stony Brook Waterfall

As a member of the Mass Audubon Society, we do our best to utilize the resources they preserve throughout the state. This past weekend, we took advantage of the early Spring weather and visited the Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk, MA (a small town of eleven thousand about an hour south of Boston).

Stony Brook Sanctuary
108 North St.
Norfolk, Mass.

Stony Brook covers just over 100 acres and has a manageable 2 miles of trails that are great for all ages. The paths are relatively flat (watch out for protruding roots in the wooded areas) and cover a variety of landscapes. There’s a children’s play area and picnic tables just outside the main entrance. A straight path leads from the visitors center to the boardwalk overlooking the Stony Brook Reservoir and is a perfect spot for turtle-spotting on sunny days.

To find an Audubon reservation near you, click the button below to search Audubon sites and then get outside!

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